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Jars Céramistes B&B Plate Poireau B&B Plate Poireau

B&B Plate Poireau

Irregular lines with matt colours.An island facing the Mediterranean. Soft wind in the pines.A poetic & sensual collection, which encourages the play and inventiveness of colours.Perfect-imperfect plate, with irregular lines. An organic and delicate shape, showing the hand of the ceramicist.

4.7", flat with a tiny edge

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" x " x " cm x cm x cm


High quality glazed stoneware handmade with passion in the south of France. A renowned craftsmanship preserved since 1857.

Entirely made by hand : 10 steps, more than 21 hand processes. Each piece is unique & different : result of fire and glazes.

100% natural materials, without lead and cadmium. Fired at a very high temperature, our ceramics provides an incomparable strength and long-term use over time.

Good for you & the planet.

Ceramics with organic charm, a true luxury in everyday living.